One of the perils of living in the city of Igboefon is you have otherwise, normal people behave like lesser mammals. In the picture above, someone thought it wise to park right in front of my gate, and leave to God knows where.

As I type this, I am sweating in a cab on my way to Surulere where I am running late for a meeting. Late because I had to wait and hope the muppet would return.

Rather than get angry and do damage, I decided to leave the fellow with a message make e for no loss.


Did I do enough?

12 thoughts on “When Someone Blocks Your Car, Here’s What To Do.

    1. What exactly did you do? Is the bag of pure water under his tires the message? If it is, I am pretty sure the guy would not get the message. He would think it a sign from God to park there more often.

  1. I ve experienced issues like this several times,at least nobody knows what is behind ur gate….In ma own case (those Fools) could clearly thru see ma gate and still yet they always park right in front of ma gate…….Anyways u didnt do well enough……In ma own case,i always deflate there Tires,Cos the only word that can describe them is (Madness)

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