Nope, this is not the title of a Nollywood movie but the Story of my Friday and Saturday in UNIBEN.

JuJu Coffins in Uniben
Front of My Mum's House

A brief back story. If you have been reading the news, you would know that there has been a conflict in UNIBEN between the past Bursar Dr. May Nwoye (my Mum), and the current Vice Chancellor, Prof Oshodin. The problem has been on for months but I never mentioned it before because I understand there is always internal politics and conflict in any large organization. Even when my mum was receiving death threats, I kept quiet.

As any Nigerian campus child knows, anytime there’s a change in personnel in principal positions (Bursar, VC, Registrar, Provost of Medicine etc ), threats are received, names are sullied, alliances change, and then peace returns. The children of the parents ignore it all.

So on my way to the Village on Thursday, I passed through Benin, saw my Mum asked her “how far?” and if things had settled down” She said everything was quiet so I continued my journey to the east where I want to attend a burial.

I was woken up on Friday morning to be told coffins had been deposited at our gate on campus. I had to return home immediately as my mum was alone at home (my dad was in the village for the burial of his sister).

When I got back with my dad, I saw the coffins. It was annoying at first before being embarrassing. In 2012 when Google is doing self driving cars, coffins are being used to fight battles.

Anyway, we reported to the police as a matter of formality. The UNIBEN security was called in but they did not come. I was told that there were three coffins at first but a UNIBEN security van came and took one away (yup, it is that ridiculous).

A priest came and we burnt the sacrifice and the day continued normally.

Burning Juju
Burning the Rubbish

Slept, woke up and say another coffin right inside the compound in the front door of the house.  Now that has made me really angry as it has become really deadly as their next stop would be inside the house or my mums room?

Juju In Front of My House
Day 2 Jazz. Accompanied by eggs.

My mum and dad have given the University of Benin 57 years between them. So it is absolutely an unacceptable way for them to be treated as they wind down their service to GREAT UNIBEN. I really do not mind internal political battles over the years, I have seen them come and go and never gotten involved. But physical threats are another thing. They are certainly new.

I no send jazz at all but physical harm cannot be reversed. The number of people that have been killed and kidnapped in Benin (several on campus) makes me really worried for the lives of my parents.

The fact that the Vice Chancellor Prof. Oshodin and the CSO have not visited the site right on campus after several days says a lot.

If anything happens to my Mother, Father or myself, we all know who is responsible. However, I would rather avoid anything happening than to try to seek “justice” if that exists.

Thanks for reading and please pass it on (RT, BBM, FB, etc.). If you think you can be of help, please contact me ositanwoye@gmail    I will appreciate it. Some people have boasted that “nothing go fit happen” but I know that the co-ordinated grassroot can win any battle.

Thanks a lot.

PS: I am just pissed that instead of writing about GBEDU.FM, Google, Spotify,  the music industry, Mobile broadband penetration in Africa etc, I am here talking coffin, sacrifice and juju. I tire! All I can do is file this under WTF?!!!

33 thoughts on “True Story: 3 Coffins And A Doll

  1. Good thing you’re not moved by the “jazz” threats. No weapons fashioned against you and your family shall prosper, in Jesus’ name!

  2. Oo dear I plead the blood of Jesus on everyone of you. They willl never see you, sister mum and dad IJN

  3. Brother, you all are in our prayers. I’ve been hearing stories of some of the funny politics that’ve been taking place on campus, plus all this stuff with momsi and all. Bad people, but it is well.

  4. Really??? In this day and age? People shaaa! It is well! Hope this all gets sorted out ASAP! Will be praying for the family! 🙂

  5. OH MY GOD?! WTF? I’m ashamed of this kind of things.. I pray God keeps you, and your family safe. I think this needs to be covered by the media. Be safe.

  6. This is absolute Madness. Are you kidding me? In 2012, people still engage in these savage-like activities. Brother, God dey your side. Nothing will happen to both you and your family. We are all praying. 

  7. Really? This is your family? When I saw it on Linda Ikeji’s blog, I felt really ashamed of the act. I’m surprised that it is your family. May God protect you and them from any harm.

  8. Truly embarrassing and saddening. Don’t know whether to think all that was just put together to scare ur family or if its all really ‘juju’. Nigeria really does need help! Stay as safe as u can, God’s most def got ur back! It is well.

  9. There’s no such thing as in this day and age. Desperate people do desperate things. I pray for God’s protection over your family, may He surround your house with an impenetrable cover in Jesus name. Amen

    1. Please believe that there is such thing!  Don’t be deceived by technologies et.c.  
      I agree with you that they are desperate and that is why they do desperate things. In fact, the more desperate ones are very civilized, they apply technologies and their system is computerized, to lure unsuspecting ones (those who are well educated and use logic to tackle issues).  BUT, the good news is that Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God is still the LORD of all. 

      I would have thought that professorial environment would be more civilized :-:). 

  10. Its really annoying when things like this happens. They are strategies for intimidation, but I’m sure your parents know its just a stupid tactic. I hope y’all don’t believe in juju. Whoever is doing this is just wasting their own resources on caskets. Burn the caskets and overlook their stupidity. If need be, but a gun to protect yourself and your family. 

  11. Hello Osita,

    I received your message from a member of my family.  I congratulate you for the boldness displayed and I want to encourage you to give your heart and mind and all to Jesus Christ, at the mention of Whose name every, and I mean it, EVERY KNEE will bow!  The grassroot network too get Senior Master of their master, His name is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God of heaven and earth.  The Bible says that the name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runs into it and are saved, cf. Proverbs 18:10; Revelations 12:11.  Your confession is your testimony, you can be victorious or be defeated by what you say.  Use the blood of Jesus Christ in your confession to cover yourself and your parents and your entire premises and confess that you are safe in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    I don’t know what kind of priest came to burn the sacrifice, but if he is a child of God, you are in the right camp.  Otherwise, look for a true Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, since you are in Benin, talk to Bishop (Mrs) Margaret the wife of the late popular and indomitable Bishop Idahosa.  Or any other Jesus preaching and Jesus boldened minister.

    From here, we will keep your family in prayer.

    God bless you.

    Hope YoloyeSenior Pastor & Projects ManagerLiving Way MinistriesTel: 0208 200 9130/1250Fax: 0203 302 6865e. [email protected], w.

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