I have written about AirTime before, stating it would be like Google’s Hangout. After reading this post on TC, I am now certain of what AirTme will be. In context.

AirTime is Facebook’s Hangout. ¬†Of course it all makes sense. Video is the final frontier. Same with meeting those you do not know, live. Chatroulette (remember that?) proved to be a great MVP for that market. And of course Sean Parker being a major shareholder in Facebook makes the alliance much more concrete. The deep integration with FB will certainly be crucial.

I am not sure if Google’s delay in focusing on hangout will make them loose the battle again with Facebook. Well, We’ll find out on June 5th

PS: Ah! Here is Mr Parker explaining this idea 2 years ago.

PPS: For the copycats out there, you could still move fast and do something similar with Twitter. The difference is while AirTime will be focused on Facebook’s people graph, one built upon Twitter will be based on their interest Graph.

2 thoughts on “What Sean Parker’s AirTime Will Be

    1. Nope.

      I only postulated that he would want to buy them . However, seeing the upcoming deep integration with FB, I doubt it will be possible.

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