I just woke up from a really scary dream. (I assure you that there are far worse things than people dying or getting physically harmed in a dream). But what hit me was this, I had been sleeping for 3 hours on a Friday night! Why would a 29 year old single night be going to bed at 9pm on a Friday night? Then I realised that this is the second night in a row. yesterday was 8.30pm.

Almost every weekend for as long as I remember, definitely since I got to UK, my weekends especially Fridays have always been depressing (except when I was going for one tech event to anther). I get depressed because I have not become what I planned to be and yet another week was passing by.

But as I woke up this night/morning (it’s 12:30 am here), I thought, I might just be trying too hard while pissing away the prime of my life. Of course, I had been told this before. severally. My oldest buddy actually visited me a couple of weeks ago and scolded me severely. “you do not even know how to be social anymore”. But it is totally different when you realize it.

The greatest fulfillment and ‘assets’ you can have when old are the experiences you garner with family and friends while young. A career is just to provide funds and make the journey more interesting, not replace it.

While, money and career may come and go, youth and time only go.

So enough of trying too hard. And I hope to learn to have fun. I’ll start tonight.

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