On Tuesday the 11th of July, TechCircle will host the 3rd edition of PITCH2WIN where early-stage startups compete to win a prize – $10,000 in raw cash. Ok.. not cash transfer. Raw transfer.

As with the previous editions, PITCH2WIN is organized because Japanese investor Hiro Mashita, and other Japanese investment companies are interested in the tech ecosystem and are scouting for interesting startups. Hopefully, they can invest in a couple as they have previously done with Paystack, Gokada etc. 

The goal of PITCH2WIN is not to find a winner, but for the competition to act as a mechanism that will help bubble up interesting startups and founders in the ecosystem. If the first time we are seeing you is announcing your YC or TechStars entry, it’s too late.

I am not very good at reflecting on what I have done previously, but in writing this post, I decided to review the past finalists of PITCH2WIN and found the following:

  • Reliance Health, the first winner, is valued at over $200m
  • Curacel, Reliance Health, and Plumter have all gone to YC AFTER participating in PITCH2WIN
  • Life Bank, Edves, Lendsqr &  Figorr (formerly Gricd) have cumulatively raised millions of dollars.

Not too bad a deal flow for an ad hoc competition. 

This year, we will be expanding the competition as there will be a special consideration for Web 3 startups (when they are fearful, be bullish) and we will spice up the event too – keynote here, and a panel session there. There will be at minimum 20 active early-stage investors and funds present. We will reserve priority attendance for early-stage founders.

As a recurring theme with all the events TechCircle organizes, Pitch2Win will be founder centric, and diverse, and there will be beer!

Ok, it’s time to take the plunge and apply.

In addition to investing, our Japanese partners aim to facilitate the exchange of technology and market entry between our ecosystem and that of Japan and the wider Asia region. If you are further along and not interested in the pitch competition but would like to meet the team;

Book a meeting.

If you run a co-working space, incubator/accelerator, or fund, then your portfolio companies need this. Send it to them now!

PS: We are still open to sponsorship oooo. If you are interested in accessing early-stage startups, e.g. you have APIs, are a bank, fund, etc. email [email protected] to get a brochure.

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