My Dad.

In 1996, I was expelled from Kings College boarding house for the second time in as many months. I was 13 and could not handle the ‘power’ I had over junior ones.

I was devastated.

After the announcement announcing expulsions during assembly, I made my way to my Uncles house. At around 8pm , Uncle Oba got my dad on the phone and I spoke to him. I was scared because a month earlier, we had agreed that I would change my ways and not get into trouble. He expressed his utter disappointment in me.  I wondered how I would face him later in the week when I would travel to Benin.

Around 12 midnight, when I woke up to go to the toilet, I heard people talking the living room . One of the voices sounded familiar so I strolled in.

It could not be , it was my dad! !  I almost collapsed.

My old man had left Benin for Lagos AT 8PM!! after we spoke. (If you have not travelled Benin – Lagos by road, don’t worry, you will not understand)

He saw the shock on my face and told me not to worry. He only came down to ensure I did not miss too much of school. He was not angry anymore. Uncle Oba, told me to go back to bed that they would sort it out.

Sort it out they did.

That is just one example that shows how great my dad has been to me. Risking his life of the road so his bone headed son would not miss school.

I love you dad.

Happy Fathers Day!


My Uncle Oba passed away some years later he was like a second dad to me. He took care of me all through my secondary school years. I will never forget him .

Why Does Dell Make It So Hard To Buy A Laptop?

fuck dell

Can someone please explain to me the difference between the two offerings above?

Anytime I decide to buy a new computer from Dell, they ensure I leave frustrated. Why do they have so many confusing models? What is their aim?

All I want is a PC equivalent of the Mac Book . (Around 14”, Long battery life,  2.x GHz processor, 3GB of RAM and over 100 GB hard drive.)  with a budget of 600pounds.

How hard can that be?

In addition to making good products, Apple is successful because they make it easy for you to make a purchase decision. I am sure Dell has more 14 inch Latitude variations than Apple has in products.

This same thing happened some months ago before I got a HP computer which I am not too happy with. I have tried giving Dell a chance again and they have left me frustrated. After this experience, I most certainly will never purchase another Dell product.

I am aware Dell is not a the only culprit, but I am vexed with them because I always go there first.


If you can,  please suggest a laptop that fits the bill of what I am looking for.

A PC equivalent of the Mac Book . (Around 14”, Long battery life (>5hrs),  2.x GHz processor, About 3GB of RAM and over 100 GB hard drive.)  I have a budget of 600pounds/800 dollars.

I will be grateful.

Why I HATE The Vuvuzela!


There are very few things I hate in life and the Vuvuzela is one of them

The reason I hate the vuvuzela is because it has destroyed the atmosphere of the world cup. Anyone who has been to live matches knows that the atmosphere is what makes all the difference. When you make the 64 matches of the world cup sound alike, then there is a problem.

I completely understand the argument that the Vuvuzela is part of South African football. Therefore I will support whole heartedly all South Africa’s matches sounding like Ibola Lethu (I have never been a fan). But the moment you say your tradition must be imposed on your guests from 31 countries, you are being unfair.

The Vuvuzela might motivate,Siphiwe Tshabalala but it makes Lionel Messi loose concentration. If South Africa is playing Argentina, they can blow the Vuvuzela all they like after all, what is home advantage all about. But the sound of the Vuvuzela should not wreck a match between England and Brazil because neither team appreciates it. I want the best footballers to be at their best through out the world cup. I am sure the South Africans want that too (not when they play against them). So let each team hear the sounds that make them play.

I miss hearing the singing and trumpets of Nigerian supporters and I am sure I would have heard “all we are saaaaaaying, give us a goal” when we were a goal down against Argentina and that would have motivated our boys

I miss the drunk English fans chanting Rooney, Rooney, Rooneey

I will miss the Samba sounds of the Brazilians

I miss the sounds of the world cup 🙁

A Cure For ‘Nigerian Internet Scams’.

The problem:

“Show me a man that has not received an email from Nigeria and I will show you a man that has not seen email.”

If from that statement you already know what I mean, Nigeria, we have a problem. It is clear that there is a huge problem pertaining to scams originating from Nigeria which has cost us and the world dearly

But what the world does not know about the scammers is that majority of them are ambitious, hardworking talented but misguided young men and women who did not grow up having a Jeff Bezos, Larry and Sergey, Mark Zuckerberg to aspire to. Our rag to riches internet stories were not that of Jerry Yang and David Filo but online fraudsters also known as yahoo boys

The solution:

“Give a man fish and you have fed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you have fed him and his family for a life time.”

It would be difficult to convince a man to stop making money the only way he knows without giving an alternative. So rather than spending all time and money focusing on clamping down internet fraudsters, why not support them in putting their ‘entrepreneurial’ energies and technological skills to more positive uses? Few people understand that these chaps have all relevant skills it takes to be very successful Internet entrepreneurs. Startup founders and scammers are very similar. Like startup founders, they are very determined, have well defined supply chains, business models and they even understand conversion rates, lifetime value of customers, etc

When I was back in Nigeria and told some of these guys to stop scamming an begin legitimate Internet businesses that would be more rewarding, the response I got was  unanimous, “Will you feed me if I stop? Show me, don’t tell me”. That has been my motivation for the past 3 years…

So how about telling showing them how to make sustainable money legitimately with the very same skills they use to scam? Can you imagine if all those boys and girls put all their scamming efforts towards, creating startups? It will be amazing I promise you.

In addition to the very brilliant young men that have taken the wrong road, we have the young ambitious startup founders that are making an effort.  We have to support existing Nigerian Internet entrepreneurs and make them the role models these scammers look up to. At this point in time 20 year old Ahmed Mousky , Mayowa Owolabi  founder of DuduPay, and Loy Okezie, our Michael Arrington come to mind.

Consequently, I wish to push for the highest level of Internet Entrepreneurship in Nigeria through education and mentorship. For us to have the impact, we need Nigerian startups to begin making a positive impact globally. For that to happen, we will need to enlist the support at the highest level. How do we get companies like Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, PayPal, Techcrunch, and people like Fred Wilson, Mike Arrington, Paul Graham, Saul Klein, Ron Conway, Steve Blank and co to buy into this dream?

Fred Wilson nailed it when he said I have always believed in the power of entrepreneurs and for profit initiatives to change the world.So to encourage global interest and participation, we should articulate the commercial and social benefits their participation will bring. Highlight the unlimited opportunities we have in the Nigerian market (70 million mobile phone users and counting, remittance to Nigeria is $10 billion every year, a population of 140 million people) explain that helping Nigerian internet entrepreneurs is the perfect way to gain insight into the untapped market of Africa. Prove to them that they can support us to kick start the largest social and economic revolution in Nigeria and Africa. That by helping us to help ourselves they would have really changed the world.

What next?

“To save a drowning man, he must first give you his hand”

We need to start showing effort in making ourselves world renowned. How can we harness the talents of the gifted internet entrepreneurs spread across Nigeria? Towards this end, I, in conjunction with my good friend Roland Ukor would like to announce an initiative called Nigerian Internet Entrepreneurs. The goal is to provide a mechanism that will  support and promote Internet Entrepreneurship through actionable knowledge transfer in every department of the Nigerian Internet ecosystem and integration with the global Internet ecosystem.  Thank God we have Nigerians like Eghosa Omogui, Venture Capitalist at Intel capital and Kingsley Idehen, founder of OpenlinkSW who I am certain will support our endeavour.

This August, we hope to organise a first event that will bring together people interested in creating world class Internet entrepreneurs who would build world renowned startups. In the near future we hope to organize workshops where will bring the best in the word to teach our best programmers (.NET, Ruby, PHP, etc) UI Designers, product guys, social media people, Entrepreneurs, bloggers etc. Get our VC’s to integrate globally.

For this to have any chance of success, we would need your help if you are

  • A programmer, designer, VC, product developer, etc and you want to mentor
  • A journalist and you want to help spread the word
  • An Internet Entrepreneur that wants to participate
  • A company that wants to help sponsor
  • or just want to be in the know of our next steps

Please drop your email below.

Special thanks to Nmachi for helping me edit this post.