Oo goes to Old Trafford…VIP style!

How do you explain a trip to heaven? Well, that is the task set before me so expect it to be a bit mumbled up.

It all started with an innocent sounding (my normal ringtone)  call from Chuka on Tue  Treble Suiteduring the match between Arsenal and Liverpool. He told me that he won a prize sponsored by Audi and that he had a VIP package  to watch the match between Tottenham and United on the up coming Saturday and his predicament was choosing who to go with.  Of course i did not believe him! Who gets such an offering on the first visit to the Theatre of Dreams let alone me barely 6 months in the UK. After much pondering (2 sec) I called back, and  I was on the phone for an hour trying to convince him on why I should be the chosen one.

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