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Oo goes to Old Trafford…VIP style!

26 April 2009 by Oo

How do you explain a trip to heaven? Well, that is the task set before me so expect it to be a bit mumbled up.

It all started with an innocent sounding (my normal ringtone)  call from Chuka on Tue  Treble Suiteduring the match between Arsenal and Liverpool. He told me that he won a prize sponsored by Audi and that he had a VIP package  to watch the match between Tottenham and United on the up coming Saturday and his predicament was choosing who to go with.  Of course i did not believe him! Who gets such an offering on the first visit to the Theatre of Dreams let alone me barely 6 months in the UK. After much pondering (2 sec) I called back, and  I was on the phone for an hour trying to convince him on why I should be the chosen one.

Over the next few days, I was cautiously excited because I was expecting a call saying it was a joke (which would have cost him a broken head).  Friday came and I rushed to town to get myself a Man U jersey and the gods were against me 🙁 . I could not find my size anywhere.  Well I got to Chuka’s house as the Audi A8 arrived to pick us. It was a pleasant ride all the way to Ramada hotel, Manchester because Malcolm was the perfect chauffeur driving the perfect car.

Malcom, A8 and I

Malcolm, A8 and I

I got to meet the Audi events managers that were in charge of the promotion, they bought us beers and we met with some of the other winners (fellow passengers to heaven). Of course we all chatted and got to know an Arsenal fan was among the lucky bastards who said he could not resist the temptation to come on the sacred pitch. A bit of chit chatting and we decided to go and explore the night scene. luckily, there were a row of clubs just opposite the Ramada so we strolled in and met the ‘wrongest  combination of humans mixed with the ‘wrongest’ sound of music (If only we could ask on UKnaWAH the for the best hangouts). Well the night ended early and we got ready for the d day.

I woke up and knew the day would be different. I quickly made for the city center to see if there would be any luck in getting a jersey (I actually hopped I could get a pic with Sir Alex singing me to the club). As the story goes, No luck! the only place I saw was at Nike and the price was double. I had to settle for a face cap to get my signatures.  Malcolm came by and picked cest moi and Chuka to Carrington road (United’s training ground) There, I got chill in the changing room and proceeded to the training turf where the winners were practicing penalty takes. I met with our Legend Bryan Robson and we discussed the possibility of him taking over our National team. There was a 5-a-side game and the winners were presented with replica shirts (Jersey) signed by all the players.

Man of the Match.

We arrived at the stadium when the crowds were still forming and were escorted to the VIP Lounge where we were treated to a sumptuous 3 course meal. Thereafter it was popping champagne, Meeting with Kuszczak, and other former players Mickey Thomas , and Authur Albiston.

While you were looking for where to watch the match (Iraqigoals, Justin.TV, Ustream, Neighbours house and them viewing centers) we were here!

While you were, pressing F5 on Iraqigoals, Justin.TV, Ustream, or looking for where to watch the match in Neighbors house and them viewing centers, we were here popping champagne!

As I was ushered into the stadium, I could not believe the excitement that swept through my spine. Note, I entered the stadium from inside so you can imagine walking out of your room and appearing in Old Trafford. Am sorry, you cannot imagine it cos your room does not open up into Old Trafford. the match started and before I knew it, the bastards wanted to spoil my party. As we were told to go in for the half time penalties, they scored again! The atmosphere changed every one was sober. We walked down and got on the pitch and the lucky peeps got to go on the pitch to take some penalties.  Can you imagine being on the pitch with 70, 000 people surrounding you? Nope you cant! Well the crowd did not enjoy the penalties (except the Tottenham fans).

I can't believe it too.

I can't believe it too.

Well we got back to the treble lounge and had some more champagne. If you must know the name, it was Ace of Spades. I quickly made a call to Sir Alex and recommended some substitutions (it was actually part of the prize 🙂 ). And you know the rest, we ensured lightning struck twice. The best part was the chanting. At that moment of joy I really wished my fellow Manchites ,Sayed, Osahon, Tolu, Udoka, Mithun (who threatened me when we were 2 goals down), Timinyo, Jason,  …………( put your name here), were with me at the stadium.

Well, the day eventually came to an end and we met up with Emma and had a lousy night out (I need hangout recommendations form those in Manchester.).  In the morning, at the buffet Table I met a guy with some interesting tattoos and insisted on taking a picture with the dude. If you thingk you are fans because you have a “Made in China” Jersey.. look at this

Well...as far as it goes

Well...as far as it goes



This post is getting too long so I just want to say thank you to Natalie, Hannah, Alex, Joan, Malcolm and of course my man Chuka for letting God, Audi and Manchester United work through you guys to give ma a heavenly experience.

Lessons Learnt:

1. Man U is the best in the world.. join them!

2. Audi makes the best cars … buy them!

3. Audi promotions/lotteries are real. enter for ALL!!

4. Most of all,  Chuka is the man. know him!

Oo Nwoye. KCOB

Itinerary and More pictures below


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