The main thing wrong about the Koran burning event

is the unnecessary and selfish attention the press is giving it.

Unnecessary because, everyday  everywhere a round the world, an imbecile does something to provoke others. It can be urinating in a Church, burning the bible, or Koran. It is the attention we give that makes the person or event relevant.

I blame this recent debacle on CNN* and the lust for creating a story for the sake of ratings. This issue was a non story, until CNN decided to dig it out from where it was obviously to have good news ratings.

Now a lunatic has been brought into the global consciousness and has forced world leaders to ‘appeal to him’, thereby making the news ball get bigger and the story more “exciting”. The Secretary of Defence even gave him a phone call.

Now, CNN and co can now fill up their time slots with panels talking about “Religious tolerance in US”, “Analyze Sarah Palin’s Response the the issue”, Find out “What this will mean for the middle east peace process” etc.

The only thing that can be done by the press to try and right this wrong will be for them not to cover this story anymore and the despicable event tomorrow should be given a media blackout**. If you as an individual sees any video, please resist the urge to share it if you must watch it.

If this event holds as planned tomorrow, a lot of people will certainly die. Not because it happened*** but because me media made the people who would not otherwise see it and be provoked, see it. And  first media person who set the media ball rolling on this non story would be responsible for quite a lot of lives.

I wish my Muslim brothers and sisters a Happy Eid celebration and ask God to give them the will to resist this unnecessary provocation.


*Best to my knowledge, CNN broke this story worldwide. It was very local news previously. The even interviewed him in primetime.

**Unfortunately, for me to ask people not to cover it, I am covering it myself.

*** If a tree falls in the forest and no one heard it fall, did it fall?