If only there was light in Nigeria…    light-up-nigeria

  • Food will not be expensive because we would be able to preserve it; the citizens will look healthy. It is shameful that once you look healthy the question comes… “You go Jand?”
  • Population will be under control because the only activity when a man and woman are in the house will not be aerobics…
  • People will be too busy watching ‘Prison Break, Lost, and 24 to go out and rob”
  • The cost of fuel will not be so high because demand for fuel and diesel will be low.
  • Malaria will be reduced drastically because the fan will be on to blow the mosquitoes away, not to mention the unnecessary rashes babies have to deal with.
  • The hospitals won’t deliver babies and do operations by candle light sometimes.
  • We won’t have dark alleys, and people will be able to drive from Benin to Lagos at 3am without fear because it would not be dark.
  • The GSM companies will have no excuse to rip us off with the reason that running generators makes everything expensive
  • Nigeria would be a huge manufacturing country. We have the market to consume any output
  • We would be able to partake in the internet economy; like above we have the capacity to consume our own demand. Yup, the economy won’t be based on only oil
  • The children of Nigeria will wake up to the chirping of birds and not the sound of generators
  • We would be the giants of Africa!

Only if there was light

Dear God,


Join the revolution

Please share this note with all your friends… If possible, use the same format to write what you think would be …if only there was light in Nigeria. We have to bring the attention of the world to the situation we are havinig to deal with in Nigeria….strheq52km

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