David Mark

Very few people realise that if anything happens to Goodluck Jonathan, (be it the Abiola flavoured tea or a Yaradua styled vacation), General David Mark becomes Acting President of Nigeria. Yes, the Senate President is next in line after Jonathan. That will be the return of the Military, agbada or no agbada. Make no mistake, General Mark will not be as feeble and indecisive as Jonathan, he was a General in the Army. If/when that happens, the game changes completely and not in a good way.

The North-South bullshit.

Whenever the Nigerian masses try to group and get the criminal politicians out of power, they quickly throw the North-South/Muslim-Christian joker card and we stupidly fall for it again and again. I have two questions, what exactly has the North benefitted from the Yaradua presidency? What did the south benefit from the Obasanjo presidency? I hope we open our eyes and realise that WHATEVER THE PRESIDENCY, THE VERY SAME PEOPLE ARE STILL IN POWER. There are people benefitting immensely from the current impasse we have in the Nigerian presidency and we the other 99.9% of Nigerians are not among. Having Jonathan as the sole man in the presidency when we all know Yaradua will not return, is a VERY VERY risky business and the people ensuring the status quo remains know why.

Personally, I am tired of this bullshit! I am tired of my country with so much potential wasting away!  I do not care if the president is from Gambia or Japan, Nigeria needs a leader that will put the interest of the Nigerian people first and that is not happening.

Well, as long as we the ‘Nigerian masses’ deem the results of the next Premier League matches more important than the future of our country or Beyonce’s latest video a more sexy topic for discussion than the politics of Nigeria, let us prepare for the next hearty meal of SHIT that the criminals running the country will keep giving us.

Go get your plates, lunch is served!

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