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In less than 20 hours, I will be back  to my dear country Nigeria. It will be one month short of two years since I left home. Well, sort of.. I left from the intern house (the Nigerian version of the Apprentice).

What has really surprised me this period is the response I have got from people when I said I was going home. It was all “.. Finally?” “.. Are you going for good?” with a look of pity on their faces. Well, I am not going finally and it is for good.  My dream has always been to get the Nigerian startup scene integrated with the global startup ecosystem, and being away from Nigeria for 2 years is not the best way to go about it. I am going back home before I loose touch of my roots. I will be home for a while.

I am really looking forward to meeting all the dudes running the start up scene there. Loy, Sherriff, Mayowa, Seyi and co.  Looking forward to getting Nigerian Internet Entrepreneurs off the ground. Most of all  I am looking forward to having a cold bottle of star  this evening with my cousin and mentor Namo.

Being away for so long has made me long for a lot of things. Gala, pure water, Akamu, Fufu, but most of all

I’ve missed…

  1. Sincerity: People smiling at you only when they mean it.
  2. Community: Knowing the name of your neighbours after 6 months of  sharing a corridor.

…But Dear God

  1. Let there be light. Not “I pass my neighbour”, not UPS (The only UPS known here is the United Parcel Service)
  2. Let the Internet be fast. I have not seen “buffering..” in two years. I cannot survive without the internet, period.

I have one fear though

I do not have a Blackberry, will I be allowed to enter the country? Will I be regarded as a true citizen?

Anyhow,  Lagos, wey you? Lets go!*

*After sorting out this 30 kg overload 🙁

9 thoughts on “Return to Zamunda.

  1. Lmao..OO ur a clown.. If you like no carry Blackberry go, Custom no go let you thru for airport and no forget to buy you pin after you buy the blackberry oh.. LMAO.. most of all bro have fun and keep in touch my brother

  2. Oga make u no forget ur Naija South Indian friend oh . . All the best . . Make una no forget me . . I dey miss Naija oh .. Ah de good old days . .

  3. Welcome in advance?, I can say for sure that NEPA/PHCN has improved at least i can boast of 16hours uniterrupted electricity daily, as for internet access you can make do with multilinks, they have surpassed starcomms in bandwidth and pricing, may i advise you to go with mtn blackberry, much better than others so far.

    Have a safe trip

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