Why I am Switching from Chrome to FireFox (UPDATED)


I am simply tired of the screen you see above.

Of recent, chrome has been consistently crashing for me and has been generally unstable.

Firefox 4 has been my secondary browser for a while now and it performs noticeably better. So Chrome will be taking its place as my secondary browser.

One thing though, the UX, look and feel of Chrome has no pair.

If I was on the Mozilla Firefox team, I will copy and paste the look and feel of Chrome. Integrate the search and address bar, remove the menu bar and have one button for all menu items.


My friend Dees who works with Mozilla sent me this link which seems to answer some of the UX/I questions I raised. I still prefer the menu on the right though 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Why I am Switching from Chrome to FireFox (UPDATED)

  1. used to happen all the time for me too. wtf chrome? i went into my plugins menu (in URL bar “about:plugins”) and click on details, then turn off the built in flash for chrome but enable the macromedia flash version and things work fine.

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